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Pay Attention to Yourself

Pay Attention to Yourself Every Once In a While

It seems so silly but it’s a good idea to pay attention to yourself. After a 20 minute meditation today I wrote the following in my journal:

Had this feeling towards the end of my session that I am wasting my time with this entire meditation thing.

Instead of fighting it, I practiced allowing the feeling and emotions of wasting my time to sink in and sat with it. As I sat there, feeling miserable and like a meditation failure I suddenly had an insight.

I am a good person. A good soul. Mediating is not a waste of time – it allows me to see that I am a good person.

I have no idea where that insight came from, but it was just what I needed to hear from myself. I’ve spent years ignoring my inner voice, which has probably been yelling at me for years to pay attention.

Pay Attention to Yourself

It’s not that complicated. Take a moment and pay attention to yourself a few times during the week. Yourself will thank you!