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Is life pain?

Is the secret to life, pain?

Is the only way through this life to muddle or push through the pain? Is life pain?

Is that the lesson I’m supposed to learn? Is there no growth without pain? Maybe. 

Problem is, I’m terrible with pain. Always hated it. Avoided it. Do people learn to love pain because maybe they know it’s the secret to life? 

Is embracing the pain I experience when running, working out, or learning hard things the missing element in my own journey? Is my pain aversion causing me more long term pain?

How have I not thought of this before this moment? I can think of a million times I’ve avoided short term pain in favor of the easy path.

It begs the question “Where would I be today if I embraced the pain?”

I wonder.

How many times have I not been honest with myself, or with loved ones, co-workers, colleagues, friends? Many times. And how often do I quit before the thing is done? Too often. And how often do I make the less painful choice in order to feel more comfortable and safe? I think a lot.

Avoiding pan has been my default mode for so long it’s scary to think about doing the opposite. Embracing that extra rep. That extra mile. That hard conversation. Slowing down to recognize my own feelings. Facing my fears.

If I’m right, and if embracing the pain is the secret key that unlocks my true self, well then, it’s time to bring the pain.

Editors note: I got called out on the original ending that said “it’s time to bring the pain, I guess.” My friend told me “hey, great post but that ending is bullshit.” He’s right. So I fixed it.

The real answer, also provided by him is that “Everything I ever wanted is on the other side of pain.”

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