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Is your life BORING?

Are you miserable, or always looking for something “else?”

I get it.

For me, when I tried anything new, I always failed. I’m was lost.

“Why couldn’t I just be happy?

“I wanted to wake up, but had no idea where to start.”

“Why did I feel so bad, all the time?”

Does this sound like you? Is this your life?

If so, this site may be what you have been looking for!

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Searching For Sumthin is a site to help you (and me!) find our way back to our best lives. To shake you awake, and rise those passions from the dead. To help us find our art.

As for me, I had big dreams. I was going to change the world, make my mark. Career. Family. Kids. I was going to have everything and be the best person I could. But I was on the wrong path and had no idea because I was sleeping through my life. I was unable to be present in my most important interactions and had no direction. I chased money, status and job titles. And while I was off winning those battles, I was ignoring, neglecting and forgetting my true self.

Eventually, it had come to an end. My ending featured Alcohol. Porn. Lying. What will yours?

I had killed my dreams years ago and ignored my inner voice. I had slept through most of my adult life.

But then came Therapy. And a lot of crying. And a ton of meditation, reading, and introspection before I started to slowly wake up and see the world with fresh eyes. I had to not only learn how to wake up but what to do once I was awake.

Do you want to learn things like:

  • How to wake yourself up?
  • Understand how you can shake yourself out of your haze?
  • Where to even begin?
  • How to start to find happiness?
  • Find the keys to living a fulfilling and happy life?

Are you ready to learn, and a whole lot more?

This site is about waking up and helping each other find happiness.

Let’s wake up already, eh?

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